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Pearl EVO "AIR" Gravel Bikes

versitile carbon for performance and adventure..


 “Gravel Evo Air” – a super performance machine engineered to dominate the rugged trails and gravel paths with effortless grace. Crafted for the most demanding riders, this bike takes gravel riding to new heights. With its high-performance components and advanced technology, the “Gravel Evo Air” delivers an unrivalled experience, ensuring you conquer the most challenging terrain with ease. Whether you’re exploring backcountry roads or tackling gravel races, this bike’s precision and agility will leave you in awe. The “Gravel Evo Air” is the ultimate choice for those seeking top-tier performance in the world of gravel biking.
  • Aerodynamic cockpit and internal cable housing
  • Performance Geometry
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre
  • Engineered for performance, lightweight and fits 47 mm tyres.
  • Bottom Bracket with an oversized diameter that optimizes the power transmission.
  • 12mm axles increase the stiffness of the wheel in comparison to regular quick release.
  • Wide stance aero fork and steering tube that increases the stiffness of the front part of the frame.
  • Fits fenders, carriers and all bike packing bags.
  • Carbon flex seat post offers compliance.
Wheels /Gravel
  • DT Swiss 350 hubs. Swiss precision and indestructible light weight hubs from the Alps
  • Sapim spokes are the best spokes on this planet that last the longest and offer the best reliability.
  • Pearl AIR rims, have a patent resin compound that ensures an equal distribution with the moulding process that makes our rims incredibly stiff.
  • AIR Rims are tubeless ready, indestructible and withstand all UCI tests.
  • 22mm inner diameter

Pearl EVO AIR in the Marrocco Highlands

engineered for any terrain..

The Pear EVO “AIR” offers wider tyre clearance and a slighly lighter carbon frame than the SL version. Fitted with all the extras that you need for a bike packing adventure and the additional option for fenders, the EVO fits 47mm tyres.
A wider diameter down tube and bottom bracket area offer optimal stiffness and thinner seat stay the need comfort. Our EVO design is a light, performance carbon frame with all the extras you need for a versitile bike.
is available in six sizes to suit almost every rider
  • SIZE 48 – Recommended for riders from 152 to 163cm tall
  • SIZE 50 – Recommended for riders from 161 to 170cm tall
  • SIZE 52 – Recommended for riders from 170 to 175cm tall
  • SIZE 54 – Recommended for riders from 175 to 180cm tall
  • SIZE 56 – Recommended for riders from 180 to 185cm tall
  • SIZE 58 – Recommended for riders from 185 to 190cm tall
  • SIZE 60 – Recommended for riders from 190 to 195cm tall

Our Performance Gravel bike

Versitile and Fast


Pearl Gravel EVO “AIR” with SRAM Force AXS and Pearl DT Swiss wheels. Complete bike weight 7,8 kg. The  EVO offers wider tyre clearance than the SL frames and is slightly lighter.

PEARL EVO “AIR” – Shimano Di2 GRX

Pearl Gravel EVO “AIR” with Shimano GRX 810 and DT Swiss gravel wheels. Complete bike weight 8,7 kg


Pearl Gravel EVO “AIR” with Sram Apex AXS 1 x 12  and DT Swiss gravel wheels. Complete bike weight 8,7 kg

PEARL EVO “AIR” – Shimano GRX 600 1 x 11

Pearl Gravel EVO “AIR” with Shimano GRX 600 1 x 11  and DT Swiss gravel wheels. Complete bike weight 8,7 kg

Gravel SL Adventure

comfortable light and ready for your next journey.


Pearl Gravel SL

maybe you would like to view our adventure models that offer more comfort..